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Rutgers may be the state school of New Jersey; those four words follow the name in every school advertising, so people know for certain. To get a different viewpoint, please consider glancing at Purdue, the Faculty of William and Mary and lately, the flagship campuses of-the State Unive... From time to time, I reveal Rutgers, the state university I know most useful. Rutgers is really a great school; U.S. Media ranks my alma mater together of the country's top 20 state universities - and trendy enough to be interesting to an education writer. Rutgers is the state university of New Jersey; those four words follow the name in most school advertising, so people know for certain. Purdue, the College of William and Mary and most recently, the flagship campuses of the State University of New York are the only national public organizations that not include the name of these state. Rutgers University's flagship campus in New Brunswick is an exercise in organized disorganization for 35 years. The disorganization has protected and maintained the identities of four federated colleges, the first which traces its origins to colonial times. Before 1972, Rutgers College, the college, was all-male. Livingston, a liberal arts college established to deal with issues of social change in the late-sixties, was the sole co-educational institution. Pupils in engineering, agriculture and pharmacy affiliated with Rutgers, Douglass or Livingston because of their housing. Things got only more complicated after 1972the ag school became Cook College, still another liberal arts school while Rutgers College became co-ed, and competed directly with Livingston for students and resources. Today the Livingston campus offers housing for Rutgers College students, in addition to their own and Douglass College is less a college than the usual property life option for women. No other flagship state university is organized exactly like Rutgers. If had enrolled at the University of Maryland, for example, I as a University of Maryland student with an undeclared major had start and then affect attend the college of journalism, business, education and such. I had nevertheless be an University of Maryland student who had become an University of Maryland alumnus, a Terrapin for life, despite I declared my major. Not so at Rutgers; I am a Rutgers College scholar, so I'm invited to join an association that includes the greatest part of Rutgers alumni but not each one of them. I also get solicitations to the business school's alumni association because I have a Rutger' MBA and they ask undergraduate business students to participate. I am also solicited from the graduate public policy college, because I took their undergraduate courses for my bachelor's degree. There is no university-wide connection that all Rutgers alumni can be a part of and that's really silly. As opposed to one large association, I get hit up by three little ones which have overlapping memberships. I threw in the towel - joined not one of them and gave the same money to the Touchdown Club, the party that supports the baseball team. Why? As the activities are fun and a lot of them are free. I love college football. I'm a season ticket holder, those activities are all informal, and I get discounts to get certified basketball clothing. I get a lot for my money a lot more than I had get from your alumni associations. Rutgers got the message; the school administration wants to combine 1-9 split up alumni associations on three campuses in to one. They will allow some of the history teams to soldier o-n, but there will be better-coordinated services for alumni with-in one relationship. This is necessary at a time when alumni desire services in the school, such as individualized Content, continuing training and career services - which are not and never could be, managed by alumni relations. What would I want to see from the single Rutgers alumni association? Membership for Rutgers' parents; they want their children to succeed and they are in a much better position to guide the university while their son or daughter is starting life after college. There are also more 'helicopter parents' than there have ever been in college communities. Development officials could use that to the university's edge. A Founder's Week; there should be a huge celebration of-the university's history and accomplishments every year with activities for students, alumni, their families and of-course, parents. I didn't know that November 10 was Rutgers' Founder's Day, until this season, twenty five years after I received my bachelor's degree. That's a good time to prepare a Founder's Week; it is after midterms and before Thanksgiving. It is also the very best week-to host a Homecoming football game. Low cost household events; alumni who graduated between 1980 and 2,000 aren't only in careers, they're likely raising families. It is extremely tough to attract them to university events where their kids can not participate. Besides, a college should present children of alumni to their university at an earlier age; entrance to Rutgers is a worthwhile goal. Be taught additional information about by going to our novel encyclopedia. Tailored Web content; I do want to know about events and subjects of interest to me. Rutgers is really a treasure trove of information, but my interests have become particular. An alumni career services office in New York City, to complement the college career centers. A master discount card, since the students have, to look at campus shops o-nline and offline, as well as with participating retailers. Combine that using a hotel discount that students can also use, as well as discounts on Rutgers' sports tickets for the teams that have no waiting list. Online sites for alumni to contribute their time to admissions and career development. Www.Uv2505.Com includes further concerning the purpose of this viewpoint. The Rutgers print magazine delivered to my home monthly, with a schedule of activities with family savings and alumni. Rutgers has over 360,000 dwelling alumni, and they've significant buying power. It's time for Rutgers to put that buying capacity to work. Alumni mightn't need still another credit-card, or insurance policy, but they are ready to support family-oriented activities and quality ser-vices they can actually use. Therefore, for the newest relationship, whatever it might be called, I suggest that they be guided by these wordsSchool spirit and family values..